Step Up to Guest Blogging

At Steel Heels we love telling stories…..especially stories which are authentic, real and to the point.

As well as storytelling we like to share our tips on how others can benefit from our experiences.  It’s all about increasing the self-confidence of working women.  And helping today the emerging leaders of tomorrow!

Whilst we have lots of stories to tell we know you do too.  And we would love to have you on board as a guest blogger.  Whether it is to share a once off experience or to provide regular blogs we don’t mind.  The more the merrier we say!


The Process


  • Review the fine print below and topics before submitting your post.
  • Submit your post to
  • Be patient – we’ll be in touch when we’ve had a chance to review.

We reserve the right to reject any submitted content that does not meet our requirements and/or standards.

Topics we are interested in


  • Personal Career Challenges/Successes
  • Professional Development
  • Stereotypes in the Workplace
  • Career Management or Transition
  • Networking
  • Job search/interviewing
  • Transitioning from student to professional
  • Working in a male dominated environment
  • Career achievement
  • Promotion
  • Workplace Etiquette and Culture
  • Conflict in the workplace
  • Workplace challenges
  • Mentoring success


Things to keep in mind

  • Create an attention grabbing headline.  Keep it fun, fresh and interesting!
  • Posts should be written in a conversational tone – we love authenticity.
  • We need an image to use.  Either your best ‘mug shot’ or an ‘on point’ image if you are blogging anonymously.
  • Post should be written in blog style, aim for short paragraphs.

The Fine Print

  • Maximum of 800 words.
  • Blog purpose is to share a story about an experience that impacted your self confidence in the work environment (your self confidence may have been positively or negatively impacted).
  • Include headings within the article to draw attention to topic area.
  • Steel Heels will acknowledge you as the author of the blog if you wish (or we will respect your confidentiality if that is important to you). You should include a short, 2-4 sentence bio and a high resolution headshot (unless being submitted anonymously).
  • The publication and timing of blogs is entirely at the sole discretion of Steel Heels. Each blog post contribution is subject to approval before it goes live.
  • We reserve the right to edit your submission.
  • Steel Heels may consider payment if you become a regular contributor. However your first blog post will not receive payment.
  • If published on the blog becomes the property of Steel Heels.
  • The blog content must be original and not published elsewhere.  This includes your own blog.
  • If you submit graphics, pictures or screen shots with your blog post, you acknowledge you have permission to use those images, and automatically grant Steel Heels licence to use those images at no cost.
  • By submitting your guest blog you are acknowledging the submission is entirely your original creation.  If you use third party references you must quote and credit the source.  Facts, figures and quotes must have sources credited.

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