The founder of Steel Heels, Sharon Warburton is passionate about sharing her experiences, as a way to support and engage with our emerging leaders. Sharon is an accomplished public speaker.

Her keynote topics include:

  • Succeeding in industries dominated by males
  • Smashing glass ceilings – from the bush to the boardroom
  • Diversity – how to navigate a cross cultural minefield
  • The power of mentoring – put on your “Steel Heels”
  • Networking – how Sharon grew a killer support network
  • Empowering Women – the future is here… apparently

Sharon is represented exclusively by ICMI Speakers, who you can contact on +61 3 9529 3711 or icmi@icmi.com.au.


Sharon has extensive experience in the creation of diversity strategies. She is available to facilitate and participate in your strategic planning sessions, management workshops, or all staff meetings.

Email sharon@steelheels.com.au for pricing and availability.