Finding your Inner Peacock

Finding your Inner Peacock

Say it with me – ‘I am awesome!’ Think about what you’ve overcome, accomplished, and achieved. You’ve worked hard to get where you are – maybe you’ve got a kick ass trade or degree, perhaps you’ve started working your way up in a chosen field, or you’re breaking barriers for the next generation of women in a male dominated industry. If you’re not going to tell people about your hard work, who will? So let’s share the love, and get some tips on how to strut your stuff with the blokes.

Why so shy?

Ok, I’ll fess up, I’m terrible at self-promotion. I feel like I’m bragging and up myself if I tell someone anything mildly positive about myself. But ladies, taking credit for something you’ve achieved is not pretentious; it’s being confident and celebrating your success.

Picture yourself at a networking event, or in the site room. All the blokes are bragging about how awesome they are. And what are you doing? Being a humble little lady, keeping quiet about that promotion, latest client or recent award you just scored? Don’t down play it, you’ve achieved something our mums never had the chance to – so share it with confidence and let the spotlight shine on you as you get chatting.

#Sharing is caring

Social media is a share and care environment. If you share, other awesome ladies will also share. They’ll see you promoting themselves, and think, ‘Hey, I can do that’. The key is to do it in a safe space and to build your confidence. We’re not talking about becoming a billy bragger here; this is about confidently asserting what you’ve done.

Start with your community – your family, your friends, your peers – let them know what you’ve done and what you’ve achieved. Start by a mention on your Linkedin or Twitter profile. Doesn’t have to be long winded. How about, ‘So pleased to have published an article on mining and construction, you can read it here….’, or ‘Excited to be attending leading industry event to receive award’. Add on the website or company details, and hit send, then watch the likes roll in.

Spread the news

As you have shared on social media, you should also tell people at the networking events you attend. Can you casually drop it into conversation that you recently got a promotion or developed a new strategy at work, or increased utilisation on site? You betcha. Look for a natural opening and relate your own accomplishments. For example, ‘That’s so interesting to me, I just got published/ awarded/ promoted/ developed something similar.’ With any luck they’ll ask you to tell them more. If you feel you don’t have something about yourself you want to share, how about you share someone else’s success, ‘Did you know that Jules just increased production to achieve a record in that area.’

Opening doors

We aren’t getting promotions all the time, but there are plenty of opportunities out there that we can leverage to strut our stuff. Have you attended an event, been a speaker, written an article, applied for an award, joined a mentoring community or a committee? if not why not – we’ve just established how awesome you are. What you know and can contribute matters. So go on, what do you have to lose? Put on your big girl pants and put yourself out there. It’s takes courage but a little bravery could open up a great opportunity.

Finally, ladies, we all have an obligation to share our experiences; both challenges and successes to help one another.  Let’s shake of the shackles of humility and speak about our achievements with confidence. It’s time to strut your stuff and get noticed!


And Steel Heels says:

There are lots of characteristics which define a great boss; supportive, mentoring, communicative and encouraging of growth to name a few. But when I reflect on the horrible bosses (thankfully mine were not as bad as the film), the worst crime was pretty innocuous. My worst boss was very bright and I learnt a lot from him working on a great project. The problem was, he was dedicated entirely to feathering his own nest.  It did not serve his interests to bring attention to my good work as then he wouldn’t be able to take credit for it. The more he could convince management he was indispensable the more money he could demand.


It was working under this boss that I realised that if I were to remain on the project, I would have to promote myself. It’s not something that came naturally; I’d always imagined that if I worked hard and made my bosses look good, I would be recognised without having to promote myself. Thankfully there were a few people who also noticed and spoke up on my behalf. All I can say is if you don’t have a wonderful boss who flies your flag, you may need to fly it yourself or you could just be relying on the observation skills of others.  Oh, and don’t be a horrible boss, self promotion is important but acknowledging the achievements of others is critical to the confidence and performance of your team.


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