• Sharon is acutely aware of how her story, her journey and her examples of resilience and courage inspire and brings out the best in everyone around her. It is obvious from Sharon’s accomplishments that she is driven and achieves beyond what is expected. That in itself is inspiring. What makes Sharon unique though is her honesty, genuineness and her courage. Sharon is a real person and openly shares her experiences, vulnerabilities and journey. Sharon challenged me and was instrumental in pushing me out of my comfort zone, whilst always providing me with constant support. She gave me the tools and support to effectively get my view across and to challenge and debate ideas, particularly when faced with loud and dominating personalities. Working with Sharon led to a significant change for me at work and broadened my view of my role now and in the future. Sharon constantly encouraged me to adopt a broader perspective, to challenge what was accepted and to make measured risks and to be adaptable. She lifted my ability to influence, to question, to challenge whilst always retaining my authenticity.
    Female Legal CounselAustralia 2013 / 14
  • Sharon is a person that invests in, encourages, and champions women to excel in their careers. Sharon has provided wisdom with regards to navigating the politics of the business as well as sound advice and advocacy in an instance when I was considering an alternative role in the organisation. Further to that she has provided priceless counsel on how to move from where I am in my career to where I would like to be eventually. Young women often comment that successful women make their way to the top and then ‘pull the ladder up with them’. Sharon is a shining example of a woman who has made her way to the top and is now pulling other women up to join her. Sharon is unique with the particular passion that she places in mentoring and the sincere way she desires the success of those around her. Additionally her willingness to connect her mentees with her network is a characteristic I have not previously come across in a mentor, these connections have introduced to me to some inspiring people and provided opportunities which I would not otherwise have been afforded.
    Female Marketing ManagerAustralia 2014 / 15
  • Working with a mentor has allowed me to establish tools which will and have allowed me to reach further milestones in my career which I may not have reached had I not had Sharon’s guidance and experience. Sharon has guided me with my career and increased my confidence in applying for roles I may have not put myself forward for in the past, recently accelerating my career, and inspiring me to aim as high as I may possibly achieve. Sharon has shown me that not only hard work, but networks and advocates are essential to accelerating your career and allowing achievements to flourish. Sharon is herself a working mother as am I, and she has enabled me to successfully negotiate the balance of family and career. Sharon’s guidance empowered me to successfully apply for and win a more senior role with a large mining company, and negotiate a flexible role which allows me to achieve career-family harmony. Sharon guided and supported me through this process and I believe was pivotal to my success.
    Female Principal Mining EngineerAustralia 2014
  • Sharon is a true champion for women everywhere proving by example that support & encouragement provided through mentoring helps us to all work together to achieve more. From day one of our mentoring relationship Sharon truly listened to my concerns, used her past experiences to relate to my situation & I felt she truly understands having my best interests at heart when she offers me advice. The support, encouragement & guidance Sharon provided me as a mentor so early in my career was vital to my success. Sharon, by example proves how important it is to provide consistent & ongoing mentoring to new leaders. I never would have imagined two years ago that I would now be working in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Sharon was realistic in speaking to me about the job opportunity having also lived & worked in the Middle East. Her time was challenging, but also life changing & very significant to her career development. She helped me to better prepare for what lay ahead, speaking so honestly of her experiences at this time. I was very thankful for having a mentor like Sharon - this was absolutely invaluable advice. This website is just one of the many amazing initiatives Sharon has founded for mentoring & supporting young women globally, with the Motto ‘Supporting your Success’. Her strong passion for mentoring & helping people everywhere is because in her own words ‘we should not underestimate the power of supporting today our emerging leaders of tomorrow’.
    Female Quantity SurveyorUnited Arab Emirates 2012-2015
  • Sharon was selected as my mentor to guide me through a scholarship program. Sharon has provided fantastic support / practical advice that helped with my confidence and drive to achieve my career goals and ambitions. One of Sharon’s key strengths as a mentor is her simple and effective ‘tools’ that make you look at challenges / road blocks in a different perspective whether they be personality traits / habits / reactions to someone / something. By gaining a fresh perspective or understanding the source of why you feel or behave in a particular way enables you to make change and often progress a step closer to achieving your goal(s). Having worked with Sharon for the last 12 months, I feel more empowered than ever before to reach further than my goals, support and mentor others whenever I can, break down barriers and stereotypes and not allow them to get in the way of my career aspirations and to use my strengths to their full potential.
    Female Project Co-ordinatorAustralia 2014 / 15
  • At a point where I felt stagnant and looking for new challenges yet frozen with fear, I was fortunate to be placed in a group of women under Sharon’s mentoring. What I aimed to get from the mentoring program was to overcome fears and self-doubt as well as build my confidence. The first thing I noticed about Sharon was her quirkiness and personal insight. One thing Sharon is notorious for, is making a point to stop and take stock of a given situation and her feelings around it, so that she may identify the source of her fears and deal with those accordingly. This is something she encourages all those around her to do. With Sharon’s support, I had the confidence to stand for what I believe in, do so with integrity and negotiate my way through a difficult situation. Sharon’s commitment to helping others by sharing her personal experience and knowledge for the benefit of others is paving the way forward for many women. Her achievements thus far are plentiful and she continues to seek out new ways to reach out many more by recently launching Steel Heels, an online blog and source of information to assist many others as they embark on their careers.
    Female Environmental AdvisorAustralia 2014 / 15